i hate hot cosplayers


is it just me or does the fufu lame guy look like the alaskan bull worm

Vulpecula what is your hair




whoever came up with this is probably still patting themselves on the back at this very moment

i went to burger king when they got these and the girl said “would you like some satifries? theyre really satifrying.” and the boy behind her goes “shut up” and she goes “hes not satifried with my puns.”



Melting Marshmallow Peeps with a Red Hot Ball of Nickel

This was completely unnecessary and for that I am thankful


The notes for Gavin that Chris typed on his Mac.

wip for Calavera!

gonna work on a sketch for the collab blog now -w-


oh my god




bec noir’s relationship with jade continues to be one of the most interesting things about homestuck

He loves her enough to never physically hurt her. But not enough to avoid murdering every single thing she loves.

Keep in mind that he doesn’t WANT to love her, and indeed still wanted her dead, more or less. Yeah, he was upset when it happened, and he sent CD at least partly because CD is an idiot and he figured he wouldn’t be able to kill Jade, but he still arranged her assassination.

He’s an Omnicidal Maniac through and through. He loves Jade, but he still wishes she’d stop being alive, I think.


Ethereal mermaid prince